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Hey, friends today we are here with the new topic. Motu Patlu cartoon is one of the trending cartoon episodes of the 21st century written. This series is written by an Indian Artist Niraj Vikram for Nickelodeon. it mainly focuses on two characters Motu and patlu. you may also check about the oggy and the cockroaches in Hindi.

The story basically revolves around the two friends Motu and Patlu living in furfuri village. Motu’s loved to eat samosas, and he regularly tries to buy them from street chaiwala. who cooks the best samosas in the furfuri village. Motu nature is to create problems frequently and patlu was the one who solves it.

Motu patlu samosa

the main turning point of this cartoon series is a criminal named “john the don”. who is always involved in criminal activities like stealing something but his plans always failed due to Motu and patlu heroic actions. you can read more about Motu and patlu on Wikipedia.

Main Characters Motu Patlu Cartoon


Motu – Motu is the one who loves to eat samosa which provides him extra superpower. patlu is the best friend of Motu. He often caught in problems because of his nature and then patlu was the one who solves it. Motu loves to wear red kurta with a navy blue vest, yellow pajamas, and black shoes. When he eats samosa he gets extra overpower and can able to defeat anyone.

Patlu – patlu is a slim body man who is always with the motu in every situation. He is often the smartest guy in the village. patlu is the one who manages to solve the problems along with motu whenever they are in trouble. he always suggests motu leave a casual life rather than falling into problems. Patlu likes to wear a yellow dress, orange legins along with brown shoes.

Dr. Jhatka

Dr. Jhatka – Dr. jhatka is a scientist with his passion. His language accent is like Punjabi. jhatka always regularly busy in inventing many tools that will later help motu and patlu in its worst situations. He generally used to drive a yellow flying car. He is generally known by his balding hair and his style.sometimes they used to tests their gadgets on motu and patlu without knowing him.

motu and patlu Chingum character

Chingum – Chingum is a police inspector by his profession. He never wants that criminal will escape from him. However Chingum always successful in catching criminals of their village. However, Motu and Patlu do call on him for help in certain episodes. Ghasitaram helps Dr. Jhatka with experiments and coaxing Motu and Patlu to test Dr. Jhatka’s inventions.

New Motu and Patlu Cartoon Videos

now we are going to share some of the motu and patlu latest videos. These videos are available in Hindi languages. In all these videos you will enjoy the comedy and the adventure of motu and patlu in his village.

Motu Patlu New Series 2020

This video is one of the most viewed videos of motu patlu on youtube.

Here we are going to share some more details about motu and patlu. Motu patlu is produced by executive Anu Sikka and producer Deepa Sahi and Anish Js Mehta.

Executive producer(s)Anu Sikka
Producer(s)Deepa Sahi
Anish JS Mehta
Editor(s)Prasad. k .Patil
Running time10–11 minutes (length of a single episode)
Production company(s)Maya Digital Studios
Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
DistributorViacom 18



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