oggy and the cockroaches in hindi

Hello, friends once again we are here with a new topic – “oggy and the cockroaches in hindi”. oggy and the cockroaches are a french animated comedy series, especially for children. Later on, oggy and the cockroaches were introduced in India in the Hindi language. this series is produced and maintained by Gaumont Multimedia and xilam Animation. Oggy and the cockroaches show was started in 1998 and it was so successful in various countries like France. Also Read About Motu and Patlu cartoon.

oggy and the coackroaches in hindi india

Currently, this series completed its 501 episodes on various broadcasting networks. the character of Oggy was named after punk rock musician Iggy Pop and the rock album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. Here is the official website of this cartoon series. From where you can see and download oggy and the cockroaches in Hindi photos and videos.

Who Is Oggy in oggy and the cockroaches?

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Oggy is a cool cat, who likes to spend their days watching television and eating. Sometimes he also washes the kitchen or clothes. But, he is continuously pestered by three cockroaches Joey, Marky, and Dee Dee. More often The Cockroaches always try to hijack the refrigerator so that he can eat all the foods. Oggy was the one who always stops him from hijacking the refrigerator. Oggy is a light blue cat, green eyes, grey tummy, and white feet. oggy also has a love relationship with a catgirl named olive. oggy house appears to be bigger from inside and the main scene of the house is the stair. where every time oggy and the cockroaches try to chase each other by sliding on stairs. oggy also has a brother called jack.

who are jack in oggy and the cockroaches?

jack in hindi

jack has a green body, yellow eyes, and white feet, in the cartoon show. He is a very aggressive cat and is completely opposite to oggy. He also involves developing new things that sometimes backfire him. due to which oggy is the luckiest cat than jack. Every time he is aggressive towards the cockroaches and tries to catch. Jack is the strongest character in the show. jack also has a car with a green building.

who are cockroaches?

coackroaches in hindi


Joey is a purple-pink body with a pink and yellow eye and the oldest brother among all the three cockroaches. most of the time he is the most intelligent, always planning to do something new but sometimes he has to do in solo because some times his cockroaches do not care about his plans. He loves money but he fails to earn that.


Marky has a silver-gray body with a pink and yellow eye. He is the tallest cockroach in his group. generally, he doesn’t care what his two brothers are doing. but he also enjoyed staying with his brothers. His hobbies are dating puppets and reading books. Sometimes he doesn’t want to share its food with his brothers.

Dee Dee

Dee Dee is the ever-hungry cockroach and youngest of all. His body color is blue with an orange head and a green eye. He always busies thinking about food and how to hijack the refrigerator. for food, he can do anything no matter what.

New video of oggy and the cockroaches in hindi

so we are here with all-new episodes of oggy and the cockroaches in hindi 2020. These videos are selected and have a great comedy. I hope you will enjoy all these videos.


in this episode oggy always tries to sleep but he can not. A always gets disturbed by the sound and the cockroach.

Despite a nagging conscience, Oggy decides to cut down a real Christmas tree from the forest…


This cartoon series really gets a lot of fanbase in India or other countries. I hope you like this fun article. if you still have any questions or want to add something in this article then feel free to comment below. Also, don’t forget to suggest what type of article you need for the next time you visit.


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